For all your bird problems from
waste removal to bird prevention

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For all your bird problems from waste removal to bird prevention

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Outside office hours: 0845 053 1662

London Bird &
Pest Control Services

London Bird &
Pest Control Services

Rodent Proofing & Rat Removal

Rodent Prevention Control & Rat Removal

Rodents, including rats and mice, cause serious damage to properties and are a health risk to those living or working within an environment where rats and mice are present. Disease is spread, food is contaminated and even fires can ignite from gnawing through wiring. Rodent infestation can prove a serious problem and should be prevented and stopped professionally.

Signs of rodents

There are a number of signs that rats or mice may be residing in your business. If you think you may have a problem with rodents, look out for the following:

  • Droppings – tend to be concentrated in specific areas.
  • Scratching noise – some rat species are nimble climbers and can often be heard scurrying in loft spaces. Other less agile species can often be heard grinding and chattering their teeth, or scurrying under floorboards or decking.
  • Tracks & footprints – tail marks and footprints can usually be seen in dusty, lesser-used areas. If you suspect a rat infestation, laying a light layer of flour can help identify fresh tracks the morning after.
  • Smudge marks – grease from their bodies can mark surfaces that are regularly used by rodents e.g. rats may rub against the same skirting boards each day as a guide due to their poor eyesight.
  • Burrowing – some rat species will dig burrow networks for shelter and nesting next to a solid object e.g. sheds or garages.

Our Rodent Proofing Services

If you have a rat or mice infestation in your business, the time to act is now. Regional Environmental’s trained and qualified technicians offer a safe and highly effective rodent or rat removal solution to get rid of rodents using a number of techniques. Follwowing our teams help with the removal of unwanted rodents, they can help you with putting together a longer term solution to rodent problems. 

With an extensive range of rodenticides and trapping solutions available to us, we are able to advise and implement the best solution for eliminating and removing an infestation of rats and mice for all situations.

Additionally, we will provide expert advice on how to further prevent future infestation of rodents using rodent proofing in your business.

Regional Environmental provide business to business rodent control services in London and across areas in the south such as Salisbury, Southampton, Bournemouth and Winchester. Contact us to find out more about the rodent proofing and prevention services we provide.

We also offer Insect Control services and Bird Control Services including Bird Gel, Bird Netting and Bird Spikes.

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