For all your bird problems from
waste removal to bird prevention

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For all your bird problems from waste removal to bird prevention

Call Now: 0208 045 0445

Outside office hours: 0845 053 1662

London Bird &
Pest Control Services

London Bird &
Pest Control Services

Pigeon & Bird Removal in London

Regional Environmental Services offer bird control and bird removal services for businesses across London. Our bird control and pigeon removal services are also offered to businesses in Salisbury and across the South of England. 

Are you in need of expert bird removal services? 

All wild birds, their nests and eggs are protected by The Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981. However, there are a number of species recognised by Natural England as pest birds. These species can be controlled and removed by humane methods under general Licence. We provide effective bird control solutions in London, Salisbury and across the south of England.

Common Types of Nuisance Bird

Bird & Pigeon Removal

Feral Pigeons

While pigeons naturally feed on grains and seeds, they will adapt to urban environments by scavenging processed food. This includes eating from discarded takeaways and food waste found in dustbins.

If enough food is available, pigeons will breed the whole year round, with a peak between March and July.

Effective Bird Control & Bird Removal

Certain Species of Seagulls

Gulls will return to the same nesting site year after year. This makes it extremely difficult to deter once they have a favoured location.

Seagulls can live for up to 40 years, during which time they can continue to breed.


Signs of a Bird Problem

Below is a short list of tell-tale signs to help determine whether you have or are developing a bird problem that requires an expert in bird removal to resolve. If you’re in doubt, please contact a member of our team to arrange a site assessment.

  • Birds settling on roofs or ledges of your building
  • Nesting materials strewn about your premises
  • Debris from nests and feathers, which may block guttering and drainage systems, potentially leading to damp damage
  • Continuous bird cries, especially from young chicks
  • Damaged stock, from pecking and bird fouling
  • Areas of concentrated droppings where birds roost
  • Pigeons congregate in flocks of anywhere between 50 and 500, meaning a small problem could soon turn into a much larger problem

 Efficient & Effective Bird Removal and Pigeon Removal

If you’re experiencing any problems with birds or pigeons, but don’t know whether they’re officially classed as pest birds, call one of our specialists. We can identify the species for you and advise on the appropriate bird removal methods. Regional Environmental Services operate under general Licence and carry out all practices of pest bird or feral pigeon removal humanely.

Our team of specialists deliver professional bird control services including Bird Waste & Pigeon Dropping Removal, Bird Netting and Bird Gel in London, Salisbury, Southampton and their surrounding areas. For more information on our Bird Removal service, please contact a member of our team.

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