For all your bird problems from
waste removal to bird prevention

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For all your bird problems from waste removal to bird prevention

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Outside office hours: 0845 053 1662

London Bird &
Pest Control Services

London Bird &
Pest Control Services

Bird Control Netting & Pigeon Net Installation

Regional Environmental Services supply and install bird netting in London, Salisbury and across the South of the UK as a means to prevent nuisance birds such as pigeons from landing and roosting on buildings, without causing them harm.

How anti-bird netting & pigeon netting works

Anti-bird netting installations act as an effective deterrent to stop the infestation of pigeons, seagulls, starlings, house sparrows and other nuisance birds in buildings. A range of mesh sizes can be supplied and installed in London and across the South, depending on the type of bird species that is proving problematic.

Once in place, the pigeon net that has been installed will offer an impenetrable obstacle between bird and perching place, protecting the building or structure and causing no harm to the species. This method of bird proofing is effective as it can protect a large area or several perching areas with just one pigeon net system.

Why choose bird and pigeon netting?

Although nuisance birds such as pigeons and seagulls can cause damage to properties and often carry diseases, if you are concerned about bird protection, pigeon nets are the ideal choice to prevent birds from roosting on buildings in a humane way.

Pigeon netting is discreet and helps maintain the aesthetics of the building or protected area. From a distance, the bird net will be virtually invisible. Additionally, the nets are long-lasting and weatherproof and should protect a building for several years. These advantages make bird control netting a popular bird control solution.

What are the disadvantages of bird netting?

Often, the disadvantages of bird netting are present when an installation is not completed to a high standard and shortcuts are made. When lack of care is taken in the bird net installation, the net does not offer the same level of bird prevention allowing birds to still get through to your home or business. In worst case scenarios, birds may get caught in the bird netting causing harm to the animals.

What are the advantages of bird netting and pigeon net installation

At Regional Environmental Services, we take extra care in our bird netting services as when not installed correctly it can cause you further concerns and costs. The following are the benefits you can expect from your bird netting installation:

  • No harm to birds
  • Protection from a wide range of bird species including pigeons
  • Visually inconspicuous
  • Weatherproof
  • Long-lasting
  • One system to cover multiple perching areas

Bird Netting Installers

To find out more about our bird control netting or pigeon net installation in Salisbury, London and across the south, contact Regional Environmental Services and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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