For all your bird problems from
waste removal to bird prevention

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For all your bird problems from waste removal to bird prevention

Call Now: 0208 045 0445

Outside office hours: 0845 053 1662

London Bird &
Pest Control Services

London Bird &
Pest Control Services

London Bird Control & Pest Control Services

Regional Environmental provides specialist bird control and pest control services in London.

We deliver a range of bird control services in London and the surrounding areas, to help combat problems caused by popular nuisance birds such as pigeons and seagulls.

Our bird control specialists are a team of surveyors and technicians with years of industry experience. We have a real understanding of the issues created by pest bird presence and we will give you honest advice about what steps should be taken to eradicate the pest problem. Ahead of any job, we conduct free site surveys in order to determine the best course of action to combat nuisance birds and pests.

Whether you are experiencing a one-off problem with birds, need pigeon proofing services or require ongoing bird control, we are able to provide you with a practical solution for your particular pest problem and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote to do so.

London Bird and Pigeon Control

Professional Pigeon Control & Removal in London

Experiencing pigeon problems? They can cause major issues for property owners in London by making a mess and causing damage to buildings. Regional Environmental have vast experience dealing with pigeon control in the London area and so will be happy to assist and provide a professional solution and recommend preventative measures.

All wild birds, their nests and eggs are protected by The Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981. However, a number of species are recognised by Natural England as nuisance birds. These species can be controlled and or destroyed by humane methods under General Licence.

Nuisance birds include feral pigeons, woodpigeons, seagulls and Canada geese.

If you’re experiencing any problems with birds, but don’t know whether they’re officially classed as pest birds, call one of our specialists. We can identify the species for you and advise on the appropriate bird pest control methods. Regional Environmental Services work in London and the surrounding area under General Licence as bird control specialists and will advise on the most suitable action. 

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Message to our current contract clients.

Pest control still remains a vital health and hygiene service and could also help reduce the risks of the spread of Covid-19 by removing secondary vectors such as rats and mice.

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Regional Environmental is an established pest control company who provide London bird control services.